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Gulf Halal Center offers “Halal Ready” trainings to the companies who want to convert to Halal Management System…
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Gulf Halal Center is offering Marketing service to stimulate Halal Certified products trade….
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Our Halal Scheme is focused on a product as well as process certification, confirming traceability of complete food chain, from Farm to Fork….
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Halal Umbrella
Food & Ingredients
Covers all edibles, raw materials, ingredients, additives, preservatives, pastes, sauces, &all un-cooked, cooked, fresh, frozen, packed, ready to eat, confectionary, dairy, agriculture, sea food, health food, baby food, ethnic food, organic food, supplements and all other sorts of products that are considered as food or used in making a food product including food processing & packaging materials & machinery.
Covers all drinkable including, juices, sodas, energy drinks, health drinks, squash, milk, water and all other beverages.
Food Services & Hospitality
Includes all Food Service establishments such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, fast food, diners, snack bars, ethnic food service, catering, canteen and all sorts of food services.
Slaughterhouses for all type of meat including cow, goat, buffalo, sheep, camel, deer and all other Halal animals and also all type of birds including chicken, turkey and other Halal birds.
: Includes all type of pharmaceuticals, medicines, vaccines, capsules, tablets, syrups as well as the machinery used to process & package these products.
Includes all type of nutrition, vitamins, supplements, organic, etc in tablets, capsules, syrups and other forms of consumable Nutraceuticals.
Cosmetics & Personal care
Covers all type of cosmetics and beauty products, skin care, face care, body care, hair care, perfumes etc for ladies and men.
Animal Feeds
Food and feed for Animal and Poultry.
Life Style
Lifestyle products mainly covering Islamic fashion for ladies as well as men, textile and leather apparel, leather products and other consumer and lifestyle products and accessories.
Banking & Finance
Includes Islamic banking, Takawful (insurance), Sukook (bonds) and other type of Islamic financial products and services.
Halal tourism covers airlines, hotels and destinations to visit. Also includes the Halal Medical Tourism sector which mainly covers the hospitals and clinics as well as Halal pharmaceuticals and medicines that are used by these establishments.
To keep the product Halal, from Farm to Fork, i.e, from the source to the consumer, it covers transportation, storage, distribution, sea ports and airports.
Halal Certified Products


OIC Halal middle east

OIC Halal middle east, trade expo and congress
Date: 8-10 Dec, 2014
Sharjah, UAE

Halal & Healthy

Halal & Healthy expo and conference
Date: 5-8 sept, 2014
Istanbul, Turkey


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the 1st international Japan Halal Summit

Gulf Halal Center was the main supporter and co-organizer of the 1st international Japan …

1st OIC-SMIIC World Halal Assembly

1st OIC-SMIIC World Halal Assembly was held in Islamabad, Pakistan, on 4th June, 2014. …

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